Immigration Recruitment Advertising, Creating an Effective Ad

 In labor certification advertising

While Immigration advertising definitely has quite a few rules there are several tips that you can use to help you improve the aesthetics and appeal of you Immigration recruitment advertising campaign.

When placing Immigration advertising, or Labor Certification ads there are quite a few factors that one must be aware of throughout the process.  The Department of Labor (DOL) requires that all ads must be run in two consecutive Sunday editions as well as in three other sources.

For positions that are in professional industries like dentists and doctors they may have their own professional publications or even online employment center that will qualify as one of these additional sources. Career centers are the perfect resource to place immigration recruitment advertising.  These places as well as the professional publications cater to those specific industries and are the perfect location for your ad to make sure that it is seen by serious professional job hunters.

Additional acceptable resources for ads are radio and television, local and ethnic papers and even campus papers can qualify. A full list can be found here .  Documentation must be acquired and submitted to the DOL before any persons from another country can be hired to fill a United States position. Because much of this process must be documented and accounted for, often employers and attorneys choose to have an Immigration Placement agency handle the ad placement services for them. In these cases the majority of the process will be taken care of.


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