What is a Newspaper of General Circulation for Legal ads

As if your job isn’t hard enough, now you have to find how what papers are acceptable for placing your legal ad.  You might think that all papers would be considered a newspaper of general circulation and written in the language that is most commonly spoken in that areas. While this is standard it may not actually always be the case.  When advertisements are placed in newspapers of general circulation for public or legal notices, as well as advertising placed for Immigration placement requirements there are some requirements that a newspaper must meet.

What is a Newspaper of General Circulation?

Outside of the newspaper industry and in conjunction with legal ads or immigration ads,   it is not a term that is widely used or even understood by people outside of the Newspaper industry.   

This terminology generally coincides with the placement of legal or public notices as well as the placement of immigration ads.

The term “Newspaper of general circulation” refers to a newspaper that the general public would typically turn to for news updates, editorial opinions, and advertisements. This makes it more likely that official notices or advertising will reach a wider audience.

When used, a newspaper of general circulation refers to a paper that is intended for general distribution.  Additionally, it is made accessible to the public to ensure that they are kept informed about the on-goings within the ad. By definition, there are certain criteria that a newspaper must meet to be considered as such.

A  newspaper that is considered to be one of general circulation is, by definition, one that is issued daily or no less than once a week issued at least once a week sold for a fixed rate to subscribers, and holds a second-class mailing permit from the United States.  Free papers are not considered a suitable substitute for ads that are required to be placed in a publication of general circulation, and publications should have at least four pages and a minimum of five columns.

In addition to this criteria, a newspaper of general circulation must publish news of general interest or of a general character to the public. This includes news pertaining to social affairs and political, commercial, and religious interests. 

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