How to place Radio Ads for Immigration Advertising

While not the most common way to meet your immigration requirements, radio ads can be an inexpensive and an acceptable way to fill the immigration advertisements specifications needed for the Department of Labor. Here is some info about how to place radio ads for immigration advertising purposes.

While you will still need to place a newspaper ad, the placement of Radio ads can be one of the ways you meet your immigration advertising requirements.  Placing radio ads does not cancel out the need to place a newspaper ad. Your newspaper ad must run no less than 2 Sundays in the largest paper of general circulation of the area where the employment opportunity is to take place.  That being said, radio commercials can be one of your other forms.  Radio Ads for immigration advertisements used to meet the additional requirements. Along with the placement of print ads, the DOL  requires that employers also provide 3 other forms of advertising to meet their requirements.

How do I provide documentation for my radio commercials?

Long gone are the days of holding up the tape recorder next to the radio. Documentation that the ad was run on time,  and correctly, must be provided in congruence with the DOL regulations.

What kind of documentation do I need for my radio ads?

To provide proof of airing the employer should keep a copy of the text that was read in the commercial. They should also obtain a written confirmation or broadcast contract.  These can be obtained from the radio or television station and should state when the advertisement was aired.  Additionally, it is also possible to get an mp3 audio version of the commercial as it will air as well.

In order for commercials to be an acceptable form of advertising,  they must run 30 to 180 days prior to the filing of the application.  It is wise to keep a record of all contracts and payments made between you and the advertising station.

Radio Commercials for Labor Certification must  be completed on time and in full compliance with the DOL.

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