Newspaper Networks Powered By MCA

Print advertising has dictated what’s “trending” for hundreds of years and newspaper ads are still the most trusted form of advertising out there.

Companies that advertise in print media, including classified and display advertising, appear more authentic than those that don’t. Print advertising is able to give a sense that something is real. Modern media is a constantly moving target. Clicks and impressions can be confusing and distracting especially when they don’t lead to conversions. We have created a more simplified way to search and buy traditional media which allows our clients to search, create, and manage ads, campaigns, and reports in one convenient online location. For a more optimized investment, packaged newspaper groups are an inexpensive and efficient way to reach your target audience.

Traditional media is trackable and scalable - digital is complicated.

Newspaper networks are grouped by something similar they share, whether it is ownership, location, or distribution types. Each individual newspaper has the right to reject an ad based on their specific requirements, which does not necessarily reflect the view of the entire network. Simply, it allows the advertisers to bulk-buy advertising space to reach more readers with less money than single placement advertisement.