About My Classified Ads, L.L.C.

MCA is a full service media buyer with nearly 20 years experience creating and managing effective multimedia advertising campaigns for both large and small businesses.

My Classified Ads, LLC is an expert in PERM Labor Certification Advertising. Fast, accurate, available 24/7. Perm Advertising, H-1, H-2A, H-2B, Labor Certification Visas. Let us take the hassle out of Immigration Advertising. We take the extra time so you don’t have to. We quote, place, track, and verify Labor Certification ad placements while giving you real-time access to your documents. Your complete peace of mind is our number one priority. We work with you to make sure that your campaign is scalable to meet your unique business needs. We are a leader in local newspaper advertising. We can place Public Notices and Legal Notices in national and local newspapers, fulfilling all legal requirements.

MCA specializes in using print advertising to tie ad campaigns together in a more cohesive and effective way. We work directly with publishers to secure more favorable rates, and then integrate added value components for additional exposure. We are experts at evaluating the productivity of an advertising campaign across all types of platforms.

Blaire Fanning

Blaire Fanning


Blaire has been a top advertising sales leader and brand strategist for more than 30 years. Her USA and Canadian companies create media and sales strategies that are repeatable and scalable for both traditional and digital media. Her companies represent digital and print sales solutions for USA Today; American Media; American Dental Association and more than 30 Professional Recruitment sites in Canada. For more than 20 years, her company has also been the leader in recruitment advertising for the Labor Certification Process for USA employers.

Alex Clevenger

Alex Clevenger

General Manager

Alex is the General Manager at My Classified Ads. He works internally and externally to ensure an enjoyable client experience.  Alex brings more than 7 years of managerial experience and over 10 years of advertising experience to the role. He is responsible for effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing, and decision making to exceed company goals and ensure clients are left satisfied. 

RaeAnne Meyer-Joiner

RaeAnne Meyer-Joiner
Media Strategist

RaeAnne is a seasoned advertising professional with over 15 years of experience under her belt. She’s a pro when it comes to immigration, legal, and nationwide advertising, as well as search engine optimization. With a hands-on approach, motivation, organizational skills, and quick learning abilities, RaeAnne is the perfect addition to any team. She’s a branding and lead generation expert who knows how to manage campaigns and staff like a boss.

We Judge Each Campaign Based On Your Unique Business Metrics

No matter what type of media you are using, MCA can show you where your media went and how your target audience responded in real time. We are able to translate a campaign’s overall value based on reach, frequency, and gross rating points (GRPs) by age, gender, and demographic market area. We can also convert these figures across multiple platforms for both current and past campaigns. Our statistical analyses help us create a consistent campaign that grows with your unique business needs.

MCA Understands What Makes A Great Advertising Campaign

Through our partnerships, memberships and associations, we have set an industry standard for customizing services for all types of media that can be placed and tracked locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our continued success is proven in our consistent ability to capitalize on the surprisingly effective benefits of traditional media in today’s crowded marketplace.

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“When asked if I would like to provide a gratis testimonial for Russell Johns and U.S.A. Today publication, I welcomed the opportunity. My loyalty to Russell Johns, and U.S.A. Today publication is a direct result of my complete satisfaction and long time work relationship with Sr. Sales Repr. Kim Ridgeway...”
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Our sister company Russell Johns was founded in 1968, and is the country’s leading publisher’s representative for small space, recruitment and direct response advertising in both print and online media. With roots in medical and dental recruitment classified advertising, Russell Johns Associates now represents publishers of association, professional, medical and consumer publications and media including USA TODAY and the American Dental Association. The company’s full-service approach to representation includes expertise in job board advertising sales, marketing, customer service, billing, production/creative and interactive services.

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