Placing a Public Notice.

A public notice ( or Legal Notice) is a type of classified ad that is used to keep the public informed about things like government contracts, permits, foreclosures, community information, and even environmental conditions that may effect them or their community. A public notice that is not run on time can have serious repercussions that involve a lot of people on various levels, so it is also important they are run as scheduled and free of mistakes and must also follow specific requirements. For instance, all notices are placed in paid daily papers and cannot be run in a free papers? They are also typically not accepted on flyers inserts or layout ads. ( News Media Association )


Here are several things to keep in mind when determining where and when to place your notice.

The National Newspaper Association has also determined that a public notice should follow several other guidelines.

  • It should be published in a medium independent of the government or other entity compelled to provide notice.
  • It should be verifiable so that citizens can satisfy themselves that notice was properly given. A affidavit from the newspaper attesting to the type and date of publication is the typical verification, and these are often used in litigation to demonstrate that due process requirements were met.
  • It should be archivable so that future generations can retrieve it.
  • It should be accessible to a broad range of people. Surveys demonstrate that a wide majority of citizens believe public notices should be in newspapers.

Additionally the call to action of a public or legal notice is also not the same as it would be for an advertisement that sells a product or service.  when are you are getting ready to place a public notice ad consider the fact that for a public notice to be successful the intent of the ad is to get someone to act or participate in a function or to be made aware of a change instead of trying to persuade a person to buy  or directly respond to the ad.  This can mean an ad that is longer than the typical four line classified ad .

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