Local Newspaper Readers Actively looking for Advertising

In 2015, a com score compiled the opinions of  5,000 consumers in the pulse online shopper survey. Of those consumers   93% of shoppers said they prefer local and small retailers.  In a separate survey taken between July and August 2014 Pew Research determined that the Local Newspaper was the highest source of news for most people. Both of these findings are  especially promising news for advertisers. It is especially promising also to har about in 2022 in the wake of advertising fatigue and ad blocking woes that are affecting a number of digital campaigns.

3 Key Findings about the effectiveness of Newspaper Advertising 

Look at ads longer and actively looking for advertising 

In contrast to online advertising that most people actively avoid newspaper readers actively look for advertisements in newspapers because they are interested and engaged into finding deals.  While a person may not be looking for any one deal specifically local newspaper readers  are looking to find valuable coupons and bargains.  This means they are already in the right mode to notice any compelling ad.

Because the audience is in complete control of when, and how long they are viewing an ad in print, studies have found that people are actually more likely to view print ads longer.  It has also been found that print readers are also more likely to  remember content better  them better than that they might see on a digital device.

Greater increase in purchasing behavior 

Multiple studies conducted between 2007 and 2015 determined that “  Print advertising led to the greatest increases in the metrics closest to purchasing behavior: brand favorability and purchase intent. Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for online and 3% points higher than those for TV.”  Magazine.org

Higher Participation in Local Politics

Additionally, In July 2020, policymakers from both the democratic and representative parties introduced H.S. 7640, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act. Studies show that Local Newspapers are the best way for local politicians to encourage participation from their primary target audience. 

High Income and Active consumers

Nelson reports that the majority of households with incomes of 100k or more read their local newspapers as well as other print newspapers.  (82% )  USA Today also lists 12% of the readers earning 200K or more a year, with an average monthly credit card spend of at least $2000 a month. USA Today now includes inserts in 35 local papers across the country and  has a combined circulation of more than 1.5 million on weekdays and more than 2.5 million on Sunday.

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