Adding Print Advertising produces more positive results for campaigns

When advertisers campaigns used media combinations that included print advertising they produced better outcomes overall.  For instance, when adding print advertising to an existing television campaigns, the addition of  printed advertising was beneficial in that it was  able to help consumers to recall the television commercials better than prior to adding print ads.

 Studies support that print advertising produces improved returns and added gains for advertisers

An added bonus of print campaigns is that returns were also improved. When only TV and online advertising was used, studies found that returns began to diminish after only four exposures.  However campaigns that included print combinations were able to improve ad awareness and persuasion metrics at five or more frequencies. (MPA by Millward Brown Digital)

In a separate study conducted by GfK Panel Services is a research company specializing in ROI studies, it was concluded that advertisers were actually able to earn back their investment within the campaign period, but also gain an additional 20% on their initial investment. This proved to be consistent whether the print campaign was considered to be direct response or branding. Magazines also deliver outstanding performance. With a return of 130%.  This is good news for advertisers who are looking for media that is both low cost and offers regional options.

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