Key Ways to Save Time and Stress on your Immigration Advertising Placements

While not widely known about, labor certification advertising  or immigration advertising  is crucial for many businesses looking to hire anyone from outside of the United States. This process can be extremely complicated and time-sensitive. The department of Labor has many strict rules about the number of times an ad must run as well as documentation required to prove the fact. This can be stressful  just to keep track of everything , especially when one little hiccup can cause huge issues. While there are no short cuts, finding a reliable agency that can place your Labor Certification ads for you may mean the difference between a job filled and a unhappy employer.

Any employer looking to bring someone in to fill a position from another country, must place an ad in a newspaper of general circulation for a minimum of two Sundays. Or if the Job requires professional or advanced degrees a nationally ran professional journal may also be accepted. Finding the correct paper can be a challenge especially when the job is in a rural area or if a suburban area does not have a paper with a Sunday edition. In those cases the paper with the widest circulation or one that is most appropriate to that location may be acceptable. Advertising agencies that have experience with  immigration advertising can save you and your employees a ton of heartache by finding the appropriate paper for you and collecting all of the necessary documentation that will be required.

While the ad does not have to include every single minor aspect of the job. Due to  the amount of info that needs to be included in the ad about the job, there is typically not much that can be done to reduce the cost of your ad. However many  experienced immigration advertising agencies can advise you when it may be appropriate to abbreviate any wording.  In most cases the time that an agency saves your office by placing and tracking all of your Labor Certification ads for you is worth it’s weight in gold saving just in the reduced stress and time that it an save your employees.

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