How to place a Job order as part of the PERM Advertising Process

How to place a Job Order

The Department of Labor or ( DOL) requires all employers to place a job order with the state workforce agency or ( SWA) that corresponds to the state in which the work will take place.

Once the job order has been placed it must be allowed to run for at least 30 consecutive days including weekends. In many cases, employers may opt to enable the order to run longer to make sure there are no complications with the 30-day order.

After an additional 30 days, the required ETA 9089 form may then be filed. This gives potential applicants from the United States the opportunity to apply for the position after the order has been placed. Once this has all been completed employers should then retain printed copies of the SWA job posting for their documentation

What information must be included as part of a Job Order?

All Job orders must include detailed descriptions of the job requirements including education, training, job experience, and salary. While not every state will require information like salary and benefits be required, when necessary electronic filing will not be able to be completed unless it has been specified.

Salary & Benefits
Whenever possible please include the salary on all requests. It may not be required for a particular state, but when it is, the electronic filing cannot be completed unless an actual number is specified. Benefits, while encouraged, are not mandatory to be specified.

What is an Unemployment Insurance Number or UIN?

Not every SWA will refer to this number in the same way and it can range in length from 5- 9 digits in length.

For more information about SWA’s and Job orders check out this additional post

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