My Classified Ads now providing Resume Collecting in addition to Labor Certification and Perm Advertising Placement Services

How to place Labor Cert Ads

Labor Certification Advertising is a complicated process that involves a knowledgeable and dependable team. The denial of your case could be caused by something as simple as a mistake in one of your ads.  Because of the fact that one hiccup can cause painfully expensive delays in the process. Or worse. Working with a dependable agency can be both time saving and cost-effective for firms and employers. Especially those who want to make sure everything is handled seamlessly. After all working with an agency that specializes in placing labor cert ads and will stop at no limits to make sure your needs are met and your job is a little bit easier.

Recently My Classified Ads to their list of services that they can handle for firms and employers who want to free up their paralegals time. For over 20 years My Classified Ads has been servicing satisfied Firms and employers with their Labor Certification advertising requirement needs, they have always aimed to go above in beyond in the tasks and assurance that they can provide to the industry.  Because of these things Clients who work with My Classified Ads to place their labor cert ads know they can count on them to never miss a beat and place ads mistake-free!

Additional information on how to place labor cert ads 

My Classified Ads handles a variety of advertising services and has specialized in Legal Advertising and placing labor cert ads for over 20 years Employers can submit documentation of any 3 of the following types of recruitment activities and Classified Ads Plus, LLC is able to implement several of the additional required recruitment steps for you along with your initial placement.

  • Job search website
  • SWA   (State Workforce Authority)   
  • Trade or professional organizations
  • Local and ethnic newspapers
  • Private employment firms
  • Radio and television ads
  • Campus placement offices
  • Resume Collecting and additional recruitment services
  • 24/7  Secure Online Access to all your Documents! 
    (Including screenshots, tear sheets, and affidavits )

What Clients have to Say about My Classified ads Labor Certification Advertising Agency

MCA provides outstanding work! Everyone we have worked with has provided exceptional customer service, and it has been a true pleasure working with the team. MCA is very responsive and our firm usually receives a response for any request or question the same day or by the next business day. Additionally, the MCA team goes above and beyond in answering questions we may have. And they make it easy for us to access our ad proofs/tear sheets. I have already recommended MCA to others and would not hesitate to so do again in the future

KIM LAW   Kim Law Senior Case Coordinator PEARL LAW GROUP

“I NEVER have to worry when I place through your agency, you handle it all perfectly.”

Banfield Pet Hospital

“We have worked with MCA since 2005 and are very happy with their service.”

Valvo and Associates

“Our firm is very pleased with your services. You are very organized and proactive.”

Parikh & Prasad

“Fast, friendly, and efficient.”

Shane, Shane & Brauwerman

Additional notes on how to place labor cert ads 

Labor Certification or PERM recruitment advertisement is a complicated process. Because of these reasons this process requires a team that is knowledgeable, prompt in their actions, and familiar with requirements and timeline involved. In my dealings with My Classified Ads LLC., I found the journey very enjoyable and hassle-free. Christina was very professional and trustworthy with undertaking the task of the recruitment process and completing it on time. I will definitely work with them in the future in any PERM recruitment needs, and will highly recommend them to others. Thank you, Christina

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