My Classified Ads to offer Additional Labor Certification Advertising Services to Law Firms at AILA

This June representatives from My Classified Ads  joined the lawyers at the  2018 AILA Annual Conference (AC18) in San Francisco to reconnect. My Classified Ads has attended AILA every year since 2004 and each year comes away with pride in their industry and admiration for what the lawyers do. This year they also introduced an exciting new service that they now offer to lawyers in addition to immigration ad placement services like, swa , campus listings, collecting tearsheets and screenshots and quoting among other things. This last  year  in immigration has been extremely intense and challenging  for the industry but the industry is still full steam ahead.

Understanding the impact of Immigration Law

The 2018 AILA conference was kicked off with the  Installation of Anastasia Tonello as AILA President. Listening to her speak about  the immense challenges that were face in the last year  through visa denials ,family separations, people no longer deserving asylum,  and invisible walls being built by words was immensely inspiring and really captured the numerous reasons there is to take pride in working in the Immigration industry. “Immigrants have and continue to make America great”  She  spoke of a heroic charge forward that of  AILA and its lawyers  ave made in the last year. Challenging and winning in court for the rights against  immigrants in  federal court to tear down the invisible walls that have been going up and  replace them with bridges to the future on a strong unshakeable foundation, of advocacy and by building the correct narrative through facts, having difficult conversations that educate explain and foster empathy saying imploring that immigration does indeed rejuvenate the promise of America .

labor certification advertising agency

Additional Labor Certification Advertising Services for Law Firms your priorities are our priorities.

Blaire Fanning,  CEO of My Classified Ads was thrilled to attend the conference in a city close to where she used to reside,  “My sister Kimberly had her firm here in San Francisco for many years so I am thrilled to be here. It was her career that really impacted me to start a firm that specialized in Labor Certification Advertising Services.  We know first hand the importance of every single ad we place an affidavit that we collect. We have been working with Immigration Lawyers for over 20 years and we really push ourselves to be ahead of the curve in this industry when it comes to our ability to complete those services fast and in full compliance with the DOL .”

The comments that we heard at AILA were so meaningful especially considering the history we have in the Bay Area.  It was great to hear how pleased they were with our services and the time we are able to save them.  We have always worked hard to accommodate every law firm and go above and beyond to meet their specific needs. Being able to add in resume collecting has been really exciting for us because it saves our clients so much time. It is really fulfilling to know that what we do helps to strengthen the United States economy with bright young minds, hard workers, and those looking for a new start here.”

My Classified ads has over 20 years of experience in Labor Certification Advertising Services.

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