What Value does your Local Newspaper have?

Small businesses can still benefit from the branding that comes with placing an ad in the local newspaper, not only can they use their local newspaper as a way to build their brand and acquire new business but it can also help them build a relationship with the community.

Local Newspapers are a great way to build a relationship within your community. Local newspapers love to make news out of local accomplishments. Consider getting a press release written the next time you have an event or when a business award and it could be big news for your local paper that wants to fill it’s pages with common interest stories,  news and events that happen within their city limits and surrounding areas.  Even better, get your business involved in your community or  a local charity. While it may seem like tooting your own horn, remember that your local community wants to be able to connect with local businesses and appreciate genuine attempts to give back and be present within the community.   This serves a dual purpose in helping you brand your company from the perspective of making sales but also in attracting local talent and letting them know your company provides a great work atmosphere.

Similarly if you want to reach “ local” consumers but also want your ad seen on a large scale the USA Today network also publishes a local edition that goes into local newspapers across the country.

Newspaper Readership still higher in print editions than digital. Readership of print editions of  newspaper are still higher, despite the digital trend, and even younger generations are continuing to show a strong preference for reading print editions. Which predicts that the local news trend will continue at least for a few more generations.  In a 2012 report it showed that  ” 2.5 billion people read a newspaper in print regularly. That’s more than the 2.2bn who use the Internet, or who have the capability to get content on their mobile phone” (newsbrands )

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