Creating an Effective Legal Notice

Writing an effective legal notice (otherwise referred to as a public notice) means more than just including all the necessary facts and making sure it gets placed in a newspaper so that it has the potential to be seen.   Writing an effective public notice also means that the notice encourages the public to interact and participate in the government actions that the notice seeks to promote.

The purpose of putting together an effective public notice ( legal notice) is to “ to allow members of the public to make their opinions  and speak out  to government officials before a ruling or law is made.” wikipedia

Reasons as to why a legal notice might be necessary. They may also come from any branch of the government from either businesses or individuals. The purpose of a public notice is to inform about any issue that may affect one’s family, neighborhood, or business, and to keep the public informed about economic changes, environmental conditions, and government actions.

When creating a legal notice it is important to include more than the bare bones facts but also give those that the notice effects reason as to why they may want to participate in the board meetings that pertain to the notice.  It is important that legal notices are kept brief and most importantly that they are easy to read and do not contain legal jargon that may confuse the general public. It is also key to make sure that the notice tells why it is important that the community be in attendance at any meetings that might be conducted and how their attendance may affect the outcome or decision that is being made.

Even though the process of writing a legal notice is straight forward, it is important to remember that the main goal is to interact with the public. A notice is the first part of making sure that this interaction s possible by writing a informative notice that compels them to act or more importantly interact with that is going on within that notice  .

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