Forgotten Benefits of Classified Newspaper Advertising

With more and more advertisers trying to get around online ad avoidance and the huge cost that can sometimes come with trying to get people to click on your ad. It is important to remember the forgotten benefits that come with adding classified newspaper advertising to  any campaign.

Despite the thought that print advertising would just fade away. Studies show that people of all ages still read newspapers. It is important to remember that  classified newspaper  advertising can provide you a cost effective way test new messaging, place direct response ads , branding opportunities

Test New Messaging Maybe you are tossing around some ideas for a new campaign and you want to test the wording to make sure it hits the mark before you invest a ton of money toward that campaign. Classified newspaper  advertising is a great way to do just that.  Newspaper ads are much less expensive than many other types of media which means that you can test several different forms of your ad over the course of a few weeks without eating up to much of your advertising budget.

Branding opportunities Not many people know this but placing a newspaper classified ad in your local paper and leaving it there can be a great way to brand your small or local business. Consistently seeing an ad in the newspaper builds trust for the reader and help them to remember the name of your business if they ever need your services.

Longevity classified newspaper advertising is still one of the only forms of advertising that you can place and it’s going to stick around for awhile. For most newspapers the readership is considered to be 3 people that read each copy of the newspaper

Convenient even though it’s old fashion many people like the convenience of being able to pick up a paper and carry it around with them while they are traveling and commuting to and from work or meetings.  If they see an ad they are interested in they can also rip it out and take it with them without lugging around the entire paper.


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