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Placing a legal notice ad in the newspaper doesn’t have to be a burdensome process.  If you need to place a legal notice ad in the newspaper and you wonder why you have to go through all this tedious work for something that you are not sure if anyone will want to read, you will rest assured that legal notice ads running in newspapers is actually a very old tradition hat has to do with keeping the general public informed about what’s going on in your local community.

Why do we place legal notice ads in the newspaper?

“Public notices are one of the few regular and official communication channels that exist between levels of government and citizens. Public notice laws additionally regulate the way in which government communications with citizens.” ( )

There have actually been laws that dictate the necessity of placing legal notice ads in the newspaper for quite some time.  Laws have always stated the necessity of information about community and government changes be shared with the people in a easily accessible way. This helps to keep the general population informed about things that may impact them on a variety of levels. By placing legal notice ads in Newspapers the community is able to find out any changes that are taking place that they may be interested in participating in as well as issues that may affect them on a local level.

How do I place a legal notice ad in the newspaper?

If you need to place a legal notice ad in the newspaper and you are not sure of what steps you need to take to do so it is important to make sure that you understand the goal of a legal notice ad is to get people to act and participate and not to get people to buy a product. Because of this, legal notice ads can be somewhat longer and therefore more expensive than a small 4 line classified ad.  In many cases it can be helpful to recruit a  advertising agency that specializes  in these types of advertisement to assist in the writing and placement of these types of ads for you.

How do I write a legal notice ad for the newspaper ?

Writing a legal notice ad for the newspaper follows many of the same rules as any other type of ad. You want to make sure that the information necessary is clearly stated and  that the reader understand what it is required of them.  The one main difference between any type of public or legal notice versus a regular classified ad is that the standard “call to action” that most ads use to encourage a reader to buy a service or product is not the same as  a call to action for a legal or public notice.  In these types of ads the goal is to inform or to get a person to act.  In some cases the action may be for a person to attending a hearing or to merely be aware or a change in their community.  Often this information can mean that public or legal notices can be somewhat longer than a standard 4 line sales ad.


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