What are the steps involved to complete the PERM Ad Requirements?

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How to complete the PERM ad requirements process

Many types of work visas and employment-based green cards require a detailed process to be completed before they may be obtained. While extensive, these procedures exist to make sure that United States Employers are not overlooking qualified U.S. workers for both professional and nonprofessional jobs.

While somewhat extensive the PERM ad requirement process is an important part of checks and balances that must be conducted by the United States government to make sure businesses are not overlooking qualified potential employees already in the United States.

In order to show that the entire process was completed all petitioning employers must be able to show all the necessary documentation has been completed before moving onto the application. Any Employers who have not completed the perm process in a satisfactory manner may be subject to audits which can substantially delay the processing time of your employee’s green card or work visa.

If the DOL suspects that the advertising process was not completed in a satisfactory manner, then you may be subject to a targeted audit. This can seriously delay the processing time of your employee’s work visa or green card. While some audits are random and therefore unavoidable, following the PERM advertising process carefully can help mitigate the chances of being targeted by the DOL.

What are the steps to completing the Perm Ads process

1.Determine the prevailing wage

2.Place a job order ( for more information on how to place a job order please see this additional post)

3. Place required ads in newspapers and journals
(for professional positions, employers must also post the job on at least one of the additional advertising methods further detailed below.)

4.Provide necessary documentation and tear sheets that all the required steps were completed to the Department of Labor ( DOL)

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how to place a job order as part of your PERM advertising placement process