Tracking: Where Are Your Labor Certification Ads Now?

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The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. You’re almost finished with those tedious labor certification ads. Your reputable advertising agency that you’ve been using the entire time has just told you that your ads have been released and will print this coming Sunday. Great!

But wait, what happens once the ads run? Do you have to find the tearsheets yourself? How do you even do that? Do I have to contact the paper? That light is looking smaller again. Well, if you picked your agency well enough, you’ll know that you won’t have to do anything. They will help you fill all your labor certification ad requirements for you! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. If you’re working with an agency that is experienced in immigration advertising then they should know how time sensitive the ads are and how vital it is to get proof of your ads immediately. So, they will track your ads for you – whether it’s in print or online.

Electronic tearsheets, or e-tears, are the best and fastest way to get proof that your ad(s) ran correctly. E-tears are generally available 24-72 hours after the publication prints. This is great because it allows your agency to obtain them quickly and proof them for accuracy straight away. Should there ever be an error with the ad, they’re able to catch that and contact the paper for a correction. Before e-tears, errors wouldn’t be detected until the paper mailed the hard copy tearsheets and that normally takes a couple of weeks. Who has that kind of time?!

What about any Labor certification ads that you ran online? Anyone can go online and search for jobs, does that mean you have to track your own SWA, Monster, and campus posting? Nope! Your agency should do this for you as well. They’ll track them down online and save the screenshots for you in one secure location you can access at your own convenience. The best kind of agency is the one that gets the screenshots regardless if it’s a weekend or a holiday. They’ll track your labor certification ads and get your screenshots for you daily, even if it is Christmas morning. Your agency knows where your ads are, even when you don’t. The light at the end of the tunnel looks much closer now, doesn’t it?

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