Digital Coupons fall short of Newspaper

If you need to move some extra inventory  off of your shelves, you might be over looking your most profitable revenue source. The Newspaper! Surveys show that a whopping 96% of American’s use coupons on a regular basis, and paper coupons are by far   the preferred method of choice .  63% of all  cunsomers reported to prefer  to have a coupon in  printed form, compared to digital  coupons which made up only 3% of coupon spending in 2014.

In fact even though people are increasingly searching for coupons online,  the use of digital coupons has  declined over the past several years.  “ One problem with fully digital coupons is that there’s no physical reminder days or weeks after the coupon is loaded when the shopper is in the store, since there’s no paper to carry and few stores have shelf signs reminding them of the offers.” ( Newspaper coupons were actually the most preferred source  for  55% of all people.  Print advertising is the only form of advertising that does not disappear the second you stop paying.  It is also the only form of advertising that allows the audience to tear out the ad and take it with them.  Its more permanent and accessible than other forms of advertising that are around now.

Newspaper readers are also consistently more educated and higher earning than the average person.  USA Today notes that 34% of its readers earn more than $100K and spend an average of $2000 a month on credit card purchases.  Millennials are very thrifty much like the depression era generation and sometimes need some more encouragement to spend their money, because they are actively looking for coupons placing a small ad in the newspaper is a great way to nudge them to buy.  This means that most businesses can hit an ideal market of buyers for relatively little money. Millennials are also the most frequent coupon users, who are on the hunt for coupons for  a variety of products and services from healthcare, dining, services etc.

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