Place Permanent Labor Certification Advertising

When an employer would like to hire a foreign worker for a permanent position in the United States they must do so by following certain processes. By following the Permanent Labor Certification process that is required by the Department of Labor Certification Employers can legally hire workers from other countries. Here is some information on How to Place Permanent Labor Certification Advertising.

Place Permanent labor Certification Advertising

How Do I Complete the Permanent Labor Certification Process 

The PERM advertising Requirement placement process also requires a significant amount of documentation for each step. These steps are intended to do several things. 

This process is also required for many work visas and employment-based green cards required by the Department of Labor (DOL).

 These steps are intended to show that due diligence was followed on the part of the employer in filling the existing opening with a qualified applicant.  

Sample Perm Immigration ad Place Permanent Labor Certification Advertising

How can I Place Permanent Labor Certification Advertisements? 

Placing Permanent Labor Certification Advertisements can be quite complicated due to the very stringent advertising requirements. The rest of the process includes attorneys. This process can be very time-consuming and stressful for Immigration Lawyers and employers. 

In some cases, advertising agencies specialize in placing these types of ads. A Labor Certification Advertising agency can help by handling all the time-consuming work that is required by the Department of Labor.

Need more assistance with your Labor Certification ads? Looking to place Permanent Labor Certification Advertising? We can help with quotes, ad placement proofing, collecting tear sheets and screenshots, and even resume collecting. For more information on Permanent labor Certification Advertising including Mandatory Perm Advertising Placements please see this additional post or  Contact us

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