How to Distribute a Public Notice


The goal of a notice is to reach the people who are likely to be affected by the decisions, and it is intended to give the kind of information that will convince and enable a diverse group of people to participate. Here is some pertinent information on how to distribute a public notice.

How to distribute a Public Notice in newspapers and other media

A notice must be distributed to organizations and individuals in addition to prominent media coverage and direct mail. When writing a public notice is important to stress the importance of citizens’ attendance by letting them know how participation will affect the decisions.

It is important that Public and Legal notices are kept brief and to the point and highlight environmental and or economic issues and decisions that are of concern to the public. And also the implications of these issues and decisions.

Must indicate why the meeting or hearing is being held, including what issues are intended to be discussed, decisions made, and the effects of those decisions.

The notice must be made visible to the audience far in advance of the hearing or meeting.

The notice must indicate how the participation at the meeting or hearing will relate to the subsequent decisions and the resolution of the issues.

Sample public notice affidavit of ownership information on how to distribute a legal notice


Distribution guidelines for Public Notices in Newspapers

The National Newspaper Association has determined that public notices should follow these guidelines. 

  • It should be published in a medium independent of the government or other entity compelled to provide notice.
  • must be verifiable. The reason for this is to assure citizens that the notice was placed properly. In addition, an affidavit from the newspaper attesting to the type and date of publication should be obtained. Affidavits are often used in litigation to demonstrate that due process requirements were met.
  • It should be possible for people to find the notice and retrieve it in.
  • It should be accessible to a broad range of people. Surveys demonstrate that a wide majority of citizens believe public notices should be in newspapers.
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