Completing Perm Advertising Requirements for Professional and Non Professional Jobs

When completing Perm advertising requirements for both professional and non professional jobs there are an extensive list of steps that employers must accomplish in order to employ a person that is of foreign status in a United States Job. These steps are meant to provide american workers with the opportunity to see and apply for the job before any United States company seeks to hire a foreign employee.

The Department of Labor Mandates that proper steps must be met for both professional as well as non professional jobs.  Depending on the type of j ob that a employee is needed for, there may be more or less steps. Non-professional Jobs which usually do not require degrees or advanced certifications are slightly less complicated and involve fewer steps.

Mandatory perm Advertising requirement steps for Non Professional Jobs.

an ad must be run that is in compliance with the state workforce agency and ads must be run in the same state as where the person is intended to be employed.  However it is important to note that if the job is located in one state in the employer is located in another the ad must be placed in the area of employment and Not in the area of the employer.

All employers are also required to place newspaper advertisements that are published in  2 separate Sundays editions.  These ads must be run in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the person is intended to be employed.  Additional selection criteria can be found here. They include placing notification of the job opportunity in other places, such as radio advertising or even with in college campus publications.

Mandatory Perm Advertising Requirement steps for Professional Jobs

For Jobs where  the  person looking to be employed is required to a have a higher degree there are 3 additional steps to the advertising process.  Additional forms of acceptable advertising are job search websites, employer websites, trade or professional organizations, or job fairs as well as local and ethnic newspapers.

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