Increase Online Conversions with Nationwide Newspaper Advertising Placements and Digital Ad Placements

A multi-media campaign that includes a combination of both online offline and low-cost nationwide newspaper advertising in either classified or display is a great way to improve the ROI of a campaign as well as increase brand interest and awareness in a digital campaign where results may have “ stalled out”.

There are many reasons why online advertising is becoming more challenging. Higher rates of competition between ads, advertising fatigue, and the growing distrust of online news and advertising are leading people to be warier of how and where they choose to spend their money.

Studies have shown that for online and TV advertising response rate actually begins to decrease after only four exposures to an ad.  In contrast, these same studies have concluded that the response rate for Print advertising begins to improve after the fifth response.  Because Print advertising that is bought in bulk nationwide groups or ad that runs regionally or nationwide ad in a well-known publication like USA Today. Nationwide newspaper advertising campaigns can be added to an existing campaign at relatively low budgets and still be very successful in making noticeable improvements to the overall performance of a campaign. For more information about newspaper advertising check out this additional post.

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