Can you use Radio Advertising for Labor Certification?

What are acceptable forms of advertising for Labor Certification ads?

Yes! You can use radio advertising for labor certification ad placements.  For any labor certification ad that is run all employers must place in a newspaper that is run on 2 separate Sundays.  These ads must go in the largest newspaper of general circulation in the area where the employment is intended to take place. Additionally, employers must also run the ad in several other forms of media that also qualify. This includes other forms of advertising in local or ethnic newspapers, college campus publications, and television and radio ads.

Do I need to have the commercial ready in order to run radio advertising for Labor Certification Requirements?

No, not at all, but it is helpful to have a copy of the print ad you are going to run ready and available to give to the station as the commercial spot must-read identical to the print ad.  In many cases, if you are working with a reputable advertising agency who is placing your print ads most often they should also be able to assist in the placement of your radio ads. Often this works in your advantage to save your employees both time and undo stress into trying to figure out how to go about placing the ad themselves. Production of the ad should be included within their services already. For more information on How to place Radio Ads for Immigration check out this additional post
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