Newspaper Advertising helps Combat AdBlocking Woes of Advertisers

After nearly a decade of people proclaiming  the death of newspaper, those who are smart  are beginning to re-understand the advantages  that a static ad can have. Newspaper advertising isn’t flashy,  but that’s the point, it’s not meant to be, and for good reason! Some  of the biggest reasons that people choose to use adware software is that they find all the flashing lights in the ads annoying and frequently ignore them. Another main concern is that they are concerned about the information that is being collected on them.

Newspaper advertising can be frustrating for those who want easy track-ability , but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be tracked by the advertiser.The anonymity for the reader  is also  exactly what people like about it. People trust the reliability and timelessness of newspapers. Many millennials remember seeing their parents and their grandparents kicking back in the morning and enjoying coffee. Newspaper hold an almost iconic place in most people’s sense of morals and values. Studies also show that readers are better able to remember what they see and have a harder time connecting to what they see and read in a digital format. Additionally they can pick up a newspaper and carry it around with them or rip out the ad and stick it in their pocket.

In 2015, PageFair and Adobe conducted a report that concluded that adblocking resulted in a loss of $21.8 billion( global) in lost revenue  in 2015 alone. The number of people using adblock software grew by 45% in the US and by 41% world wide.Ad block usage in the United States  is expected to produce a loss of $20.3B in 2016. With global loss expected to be at around 41.4B.   The report further predicted that these numbers will continue to increase as the use of mobile ad blocking software increases.

Everyone wants to just put their digital and mobile campaigns on and go. The problem is , that most Millennials don’t want that much advertising on their screens. As the ability to block ads continues to become popular many advertisers will begin adding more print elements to their existing campaigns. Print advertising offers one of the only forums where people can’t purposefully block out ads.

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