My Classified Ads implements Crisis Management Plan after Hurricane Irma

Immigration Advertising is detailed. Placing ads for cases involves making sure that you meet a ton of crucial criteria and timelines. The advertising requirements for the Department of Labor for Immigration advertising are equally strict.   In many cases, firms find it helpful to utilize an experienced immigration advertising agency that can handle a bulk of the workload because they understand how crucial it is that everything is done just so and more importantly on time. Equally important is using an Immigration Advertising agency that has a Crisis Management Plan in place to make sure they do not miss any of the critical tears and documentation that are involved with every ad.

For many of the ads placed for Labor Certification, required documentation is needed for every single day the ad runs. For every case ads that are run require either  Screenshots, affidavits, and E-tears depending on the type of media and ad. Often it is necessary to get documentation for every single day that the ad runs. While it might sound painstaking and indeed it is Immigration Advertising Specialists realize how important their job is.  “People from all over the world we will never meet, depend on the little things we do each day, and if we miss something, they could be affected,” said Blaire Fanning CEO  of My Classified Ads.

Required Immigration Advertising; Steps and Documentation

It is a requirement that all employers must first place a labor certification advertising with the workforce agency in the state of intended employment. The advertisement must run for a predetermined number of days in a newspaper that is considered to be one of general circulation in the area where the job will be located and is published on 2 separate Sundays. For this first step hard copy tear sheets are required to fill the necessary required documentation that shows the ad and the dates that the ad was run. If there is no weekend paper in a specified area, weekly papers that are of the largest general circulation in the area will also be sufficient.

For Labor Certification ads where the position requires a higher degree or advanced training, three additional forms of advertisements are required. It is requested that forms of advertisements are not duplicated and that tear-sheets and proper documentation must be collected and presented for each.   ( Labor Certification Advertising Requirements )

My Classified Ads, Close call with Hurricane Irma

Employers must also provide documentation that the job was posted on no fewer than three other types of recruitment services such as local and ethnic newspapers, job search websites, employer websites, trade or professional organizations, job fairs, and radio. Each of these requires necessary documentation to show that the ad did run as specified for the specified amount of time.  For many of the job search websites, screenshots are needed every day of the run ( 14 days ) This requires a dedicated agency that has a crisis management procedure in play to make sure no screenshots are missed.  “We utilize satellite offices that allow us to function seamlessly during catastrophes like hurricanes and power outage.  We recently were able to test some of our crisis procedures when Tampa was hit by Hurricane Irma.  There were power outages in the local area in some cases that lasted a week. In fact, our home office which was out of power for a full week. During that time our team was able to utilize our satellite offices and various crisis management strategies that allowed us to continue business as usual.  We are so proud that even in an intense natural disaster like Irma we did not miss any of the necessary documentation that our cases required. ”  Angelique LaBarbera is part of the team of Labor Certification Specialist as My Classified Ads.

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