Advertising in Advertising Groups

It is helpful to run ads in advertising groups or larger groups of publications. These groups have well known reputable titles, you can also help increase your credibility. It is also a productive way to bring in more online sales on a larger scale through the credibility of the paper. Place an ad in advertising groups that include well known and reputable publications. This will enable your business to do several things. The first is that you benefit off of the reputation of the publication. The second is the extended reach of the newspaper readership in much the same way as if the newspaper had referred you themselves.

Studies have shown that for many types of advertising like online and TV, the response begins to diminish shortly after the first time that it runs. This is much different for Newspaper Groups where response actually begins to increase the more consistently it runs. Additionally, studies show that the addition of print advertising increases the effectiveness of other types of media.

Newspaper groups run ads that offer the latest deals. As well as sales incentives and coupons. They are great ways to get people to shop. Also consider giveaways, referral opportunities, and frequent shopper programs. These promotions encourage additional purchases and invite people to create more conversation about your product or service with others.

Local media sources are a great way to begin building a consistent reliable relationship with your neighborhood audience. Your local eNewspaper or radio station are a reputable media venues to start with.

As a small business owner, while our first goal might be to get the community to appreciate us and shop more, it can be beneficial to first remind community members how much you appreciate them! Reminding your local community that you do give back can be done in several different ways. First and foremost being the help of your local eNewspaper and existing community networks. For more information on placing in newspaper groups check out these posts on our blog.

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