Abbreviations Can Save You Money on Recruitment Ads

 In labor certification advertising

When it comes to labor certification advertising, DOL is like a “pageant mom”. Always expecting the best and wanting every last detail to be perfect. I’m no beauty queen, but I understand that you want to make “mom” proud. Just think of us as the ultimate “glam squad”.  A good agency would know the best ways to help you cut costs while still providing excellent service.

Like pageants, advertising is expensive and unfortunately, there are no BOGO sales or promo codes to help save money.  It is widely known that recruitment ads need to contain specific content to suit DOL. Which means that the ads can get long and the cost of advertising increases. Especially for professional positions, PERM ads require employers to follow the 3/10 rule (immihelp). Additional advertising calls for additional spending.

However, all hope is not lost! We can assist you with abbreviating your recruitment ads by using standard abbreviations that are accepted by DOL and do not jeopardize the integrity of the position. This will shorten the amount of lines your ad will require which will save you money.  Sometimes substituting “and” with “&”, “Bachelor’s” with “BS”, “with” with “w/”, etc. all add up to saving you a bundle.  Think of abbreviations as the perfect finishing touch that brings your whole “look” together.

Unlike pageants, there’s no runner up position if your recruitment ad isn’t the best of the bunch. That’s why we stick with standard, yet effective, abbreviations and only move forward with your final approval. This small step can really help with PERM advertising since more recruitment steps are required by DOL.  BONUS TIP: Prepare two versions of your ad so you have one for the newspapers and one for online, SWA, Campus placements, etc.  Placing recruitment ads can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting if you remember this small tip!

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