Is Classified Newspaper Advertising Worth It?

Most of what we hear about in advertising these days has to do with online and mobile.  I have received more offers via text to my cell phone in the last month alone than I have in, well ever.  Is classified newspaper advertising worth it?  Do people even read the newspaper anymore?  The short answer is Yes, people do.  In fact, classified newspaper advertising and newspaper display advertising can help you tie together your campaign, and draw more people to your website than you probably expect .

Younger Generations consume lots of Media

While it makes sense that a generation of people who are so skilled at consuming media, would want a variety of way to do so we often forget just how many ways we can actually access our media sources.  While in fact younger people do read a lot of their media online they also, read a lot of magazines, newspapers, and even books.  Younger generations are remarkably skilled at consuming media in huge amounts from almost any source, but are less skilled at making sure that their sources are presenting them with accurate information.

Most recently we witness in the 2016 presidential election a slew of miss information online being shared all over social media sites.  Studies show that most people do actually trust print sources for their news more because they believe it to be more reputable .  This is a big deal in a time when sources are not checked for most of what if published online.

Classified Advertising is Cost Effective

Classified Newspaper advertising is incredibly cost effective considering that it has the potential to reach almost any demographic and specific target audience and drive them to your website for relatively inexpensively and takes very little time to create and submit an ad. Classified Newspaper advertising is great to test new messaging so as no to waste precious campaign funds, or to provide a quick call to action that gets people to go to your website, store, or dial your phone number.  It is also especially effective with local residence who appreciate spending money in their local area to encourage growth within their local economy.

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