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What is PERM Advertising?

Employment based advertising or PERM Advertising placements are part of the process that is involved in giving US citizens the opportunity to apply for a job in the United States before it can be offered to a citizen of another country.  This process is actually pretty intense and requires a significant amount of documentation to show that due diligence was followed on the part of the employer. The entire process involves a significant number of moving parts and can take several months to complete as these ads can be run anywhere from 30-180 days before an application is filed.

These rest of the process includes attorneys and in some cases advertising agencies that specialize in placing these PERM ads to help them through the process of  making sure that they are following all the regulations and are able to provide all the proper documentation that each of the following types of ads were placed correctly and on time.

How to place Perm Ads

What are the 3 types of ad placements that must be placed according to the DOL?

All employers must run an ad that is in compliance with the state workforce agency that is with in the same state as where the person is intended to be employed.  Keep in mind that if the job is located in one state in the employer is located in another the ad must be placed in the area of employment and Not in the area of the employer.

In addition, all employers are also required to place newspaper advertisements that are published on 2 separate Sundays.  These ads must be run in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the person is intended to be employed. Additional selection criteria can be found here. They include placing notification of the job opportunity in other places, such as radio advertising or even with in college campus publications.

Along with these types of placements employers must also provide documentation that the job was posted on no fewer than three other types of recruitment services.

Writing a PERM Advertisement

Most often this is the portion of the process that involves an immigration attorney who is able to assist in coming up with the necessary language to make sure that the job description is neither too broad or narrow.  And  while a position may indeed take specific or technical skills it is important that it does not limit people who may be a good fit from applying at all. As many of these things are detailed out in the ad it can be hard to keep perm advertisements short. In some cases standard abbreviations are accepted when they do not compromise the integrity of the position.  Often an advertising agency that is experienced with immigration advertising is your best bet to determine which abbreviations  may help reduce the length and therefore cost of the ad.

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