What is Labor Certification? Understanding the Basics to Completing the Process

Labor certification is the process that allows for the granting of permission for foreign workers to become employed in the United States for any length of time. These requirements are designed to make sure that employing a foreign worker for any position does not negatively affect the employment opportunities of an American Citizen.

This process is significantly detailed and does in fact include a number of steps that must be documented and accounted for so that the process may be completed effectively.   The first portion of the process to obtain legal certification to work in the United States by foreign laborers is through the certification through the Department of Labor (DOL). This portion of the certification process requires the completion of a number of requests using specific documents and forms which can be found here.

Labor Certification Advertising is the placement of advertisements in compliance of the with DOL Laws. For more information on what this includes you can see this additional information here.

What is Labor Certification? Understanding the Basics to Completing the Process Sample Labor Certification ad

How long does the Labor Certification process take?

Once all of the paperwork and necessary documentation has been submitted, most cases can take anywhere from 6 to 10 months to receive approval.
Once this documentation is completed and approved the employer must then seek a  visa for the employee from the U.S Citizen and Immigration Services.
Approval on behalf of the DOL does not actually guarantee the person receives a Visa.  Other steps include that applicants must also establish that they are valid under the provisions of the United States.

Are Labor Certification ads and Perm Ads the same thing ?

yes they are the same but it is just different terminology

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