SWA Placements, Your Questions Answered

A SWA placement, ( State Workforce Agency Placement) is a complicated process that involves forms and specific sites and important information and more specifically a lot of due diligence.  For a Law firm or employer that is looking to reduce the workload involved in getting there SWA  placements completed means identifying an Advertising agency that can handle all of your  Labor Certification Advertising requirements ads, including SWA placements, will save your team not only time and stress but is a great predictor of an agency that is willing to go the extra mile for you in the future.

What can Delay the SWA Placement Process?

If your Stress level isn’t already bad enough, there are quite a few things that can delay your SWA placement from being completed, issues can arise at any time includes things like Vets hold on the job order, uncovering that you have missed a  TWC Account Number. (This is where all that Due Diligence comes in )

Do all Immigration advertising agencies place SWAs?

No,  not all agencies place SWA’s. SWA placement services are considered to be a courtesy service to the firm included in addition to media placements.

Where can I find an advertising agency that handles SWA placements and additional immigration advertising services?

My Classified Ads has been assisting attorneys and employers with labor certification ad services for over 20 years They handle the following services in addition to Courtesy  SWA placements

Job search website, SWA Placements, Trade or professional organizations, Local and ethnic newspapers, Private employment firms, Radio and television ads, Campus placement offices, Resume Collecting and additional recruitment services, as well as 24/7  Secure Online Access to all your  screenshots, tear sheets, and affidavits

What is included in an SWA placement with My Classified Ads

Registering on one or more sites on your behalf, and posting your SWA job order for you, from start to finish. As well as an emailed draft of how it will appear to jobseekers for approval.  Additionally, you can include tracking for 35 days on the posting site and noting the end of any Vets hold(s).

for more information on labor certification please see our blog 

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