Surprising Benefits of Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising Benefits

Reaches High Income Households

Nielsen consumer reports that households with incomes of 100k or more are more likely to read print newspapers than other households (82% ). In fact, USA Today lists 12% of its readers  as being earners of  200K or more a year.

Active spending  consumers

USA Today also reports that it’s readers are also  very active credit card spenders. Spending averages of $2000 per month or more.   Placing classified advertising and print display advertising  are economical ways to reach this high income target audience.

National papers with local reach

USA Today now includes inserts in 35 local papers across the United States. This means that advertisers can have the notoriety of a big name paper and still reach those people closest to them.

Produces Higher Purchasing Behavior

Print advertising (surprisingly) holds the distinction of being able to produce higher purchasing behavior in individuals than other types of media.  In a study and brand recognition response to be 7 points higher than online.  However these studies did show that a combination of advertising was overall the most effective and was effective at improving campaign conversions This helps to reach people on various “levels of the media and points throughout their day. when people take the time to go through their mail, flip through a magazine or newspaper they are making a conscious decision to be receptive to advertising or articles that catch their eye. This is typically the reverse where in other types of media they are tuned out or turned away. Additionally people often actually appreciate the simplest thing about classified ads which that they can conveniently carry a magazine with them or even rip out the ad and stick in their pocket to refer to it later.


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