Print Ads Improve Online Conversions and Increase Campaign ROI’s

How do Print Ads help improve online conversions and increase the return on your Multimedia campaign?

The more competitive advertising becomes the harder it gets to figure out where advertising dollars should be spent.  For most small business owners budget or lack of one dictates the type of campaign you can run.  In most cases creating a campaign that includes multiple types of media produces the best results on the overall campaign investment. Print ads improve conversions. They have also shown to be able to  increase  the overall return on investment. This is done by helping to increase exposure and reduce overall campaign budget over more expensive mediums. 

Improved Online Conversions

 Part of that strategy of keep costs low enough is including print ads. Print ads are hugely beneficial for your ROI for several other reasons outside of being very cost-effective. The lower cost of Print ads helps improve online conversations and increases the overall return on your campaign by helping keep costs down. 

print ads improve online conversions

Print Ads are the best inexpensive media for reaching affluent and educated readers across all generations and diverse interests. Traditional forms of media are having a new allure in being able to offer venues where the advertising can be showcased and viewed by an audience that is choosing to participate in the messaging as well as considered to be more reputable. Newspapers are highly trusted which is crucial when the ethics of journalism is becoming such a topic of conversation.

Reduced Advertising Fatigue 

With online forms of advertising, the overabundance of advertising being thrown out there produces more advertising fatigue in the audience. Studies conducted since 2007 have consistently shown that print advertising is actually better able to propel an audience to act. The reason behind this is that it produces more buyer impulses than online and even TV advertising. One recommendation experts give is to remove distractions by using a single column layout for your site as well as reducing the number of fields in submission forms.

Print ads can improve online conversions. One of the reasons for this is that they are  distinguishable   from many other forms of advertising. This is because printed ads do not fade away immediately after the first exposure.  Readership of a publication dictates that typically newspapers cross paths with multiple readers. Many times these readers   are making a conscious choice to flip through looking for articles and ads that jump out at them.  

For many types of media campaigns, advertising fatigue begins to set in after only the third or fourth exposure to an ad. After this point response begins to decrease. This is not the case for print ads. For print advertising response tends to grow in response rate after the fourth and fifth exposure.

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