Print Advertising shows Bigger Increase in Purchasing Behavior over Other Types of Media

The last several years has brought about the realization that the over abundance of ads online has greatly desensitized us to any advertising that we might see. Many other types of media have also made it convenient to avoids ads all together. Keeping your advertising a little bit old school does in fact have its benefits.

A recent study concluded that print advertising helps improve the effectiveness of other types of advertising and is more likely to cause audiences to retain the information, and even recognize the logo’s later on. More importantly these studies concluded that audiences were more likely to, react to the messaging of a print ad over all other types of advertising. The study completed between 2007-2015 and included 250,000 respondents also determined that advertising on TV and online is more successful in smaller doses.

“Print advertising led to the greatest increases in the metrics closest to purchasing behavior: brand favorability and purchase intent. Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for Online and 3% points higher than those for TV. Adding Print to a TV schedule actually helped consumers recall the TV ads they had seen! Exposure to both TV and Print in ad campaigns improved consumers’ ability to correctly associate the advertised brands with their respective advertising messages.”

This is great news, considering that print advertising is less expensive and is more diverse and far reaching than any other type of media over all. All of these things are very promising considering that additional studies done in 2015 also showed that younger readers were even more likely to choose a print version over the digital counterpart in both textbooks as well as printed versions of magazines.This means that it is likely that people are going to continue to be interested in reading offline for a long time.

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