Advertising in Print Media; Biggest Benefits

Advertising is competitive which means there are many types of media to choose from. But as we know not all are created equal and include the same elements. Advertising in print media can have a lot of  BIG benefits that you might not be aware of.  Not only is the ” shelf life” *=)) rolling on the floor longer for print advertising than most other types of advertising, it is great at cementing your other types of advertising together and increasing a campaigns ROI.

Five Benefits of Advertising in Print Media

Directs People Online

print media is great at directing people online especially when used effectively ” Marketers have to grab attention with print, and then make sure messages are mobile-friendly so Millennials can redeem offers online through track-able discounts and mobile coupons. When we make print interactive, we optimize the customer experience. With end-to-end print and digital solutions, we can help you bring print alive with personalized, best-in-class campaigns across media channels to reach and engage the highly desirable Millennial audience.” ( customer focus) This is most definitely a exciting surprise especially for small businesses who do not exactly know how to market to this lucrative demographic that commands $600 billion annually which is expected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020.

Stay longer

Print media not only lays around your house or office longer but it also lay around in your brain longer too! Wait what? Yep! Studies show that because print media touches so many of a persons sense it actually cements it self further in our memories which makes recollecting brand mages and messaging much easier. Even more most people tend to go through their mail or read the newspaper at a chosen time of the day when they are tuned in. and actively looking.  While they may not be looking for one ad in particular they are in fact more open to seeing almost any ad and a well done print ad has the capability to really capture an audience.

Highest Purchasing Behavior

In a 2015 meta analysis conducted by Millward brown Digital is showed that “Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for Online and 3% points higher than those for TV” this is surprising considering this is rarely ever spoken about.

Adding print to any type of exiting media campaign will improve its metrics.

While the most successful combination is one that includes a healthy mix of Print TV and Online. Adding print advertising to any existing campaign helped consumers better recall ads. Especially with TV. Television advertising is quite often the “go to” for many advertisers because it effective reaches most generations and is very successful at doing so. Being able to add a cost effective advertising medium like print and get even better results just sweetens that deal significantly.

It’s not Digital !

Whoa! Mind-Blown moment. Yep!  Even thought Digital ad Business is booming and competition online is fierce. While that may sound like a big surprise most people are actually ” dislike”  digital advertising or are able to ignore it entirely. Even more so may mobile phones now offer ad blocking features so that mobile users are not always bombarded by flashing ads on their phones. Outside of that, the competition online is hard core and if its not content related most people really just are not that tuned in unless its a product they were already thinking about purchasing and searching for anyways.

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