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Many advertisers do not need their ads to be run on a specific page. Instead they choose to place Run of Paper advertising (ROP) or Run of Book ( Run of Book ) placement. Run of paper advertising is when advertisers don’t need an advertisement to be placed on any one specific page. This means that it is able to go anywhere within a publication. Because of this it is called run of paper or ROP.

Print ads are typically less expensive than many other types of advertising around today, and most often when you place in print ads your ad will simultaneously also be placed in the digital or online version as well. 

man reading a newspaper place run of paper advertising

What are the Benefits of Placing Run of Paper Advertising

The benefit of placing in well-known and reputable publications is immense. Display ads in print or online increase people’s belief that the brand is honest and sincere by 41%, quality perceptions by 20% and purchase intent by 24%…( and) it creates tangibility for messages while at the same time being a catalyst for emotional connections…( Considering that ad blockers in both digital and mobile forums are being much more popular this is really great news for advertisers. 

Most advertisers don’t realize that some national publications like USA Today which is in the Gannett Network  have regional opportunities, which provide international reach also! Advertisers can effectively cover a specific geographic region this way. Run-of-paper ads can also be placed to target a specific demographic and often advertisers can buy then for less than other types of placements, like front or back cover.

My Classified Ads provide all types of print advertising services, including run of paper and run of book both online classifieds and display ads and offline. We have a large portfolio of publications that we represent directly such as the Gannett Network. We take pride in our 40 years of relationships with publications across the country. Let us help you create a campaign that is scalable to meet your growing needs.

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