Place National Classified Advertising

No matter whether you are advertising a product or you have a service-based business, auction or even a franchise, including Classified advertising into your media mix is a cost-effective way to reach local, regional, or even national audiences. This is because national classified advertising is a great way to keep your advertising budget low and also grow your business in a reputable and trusted forum. When you place, national classified advertising or line ads can be found in both Print and Online. 

place national classified advertising

Benefits of National Classified Advertising 

Americans still believe in the accuracy of news found in Newspapers. It has proved that it is more reliable than online news. Americans spend more time online than doing anything else. The availability of free news online is one of the biggest hurdles that traditional media sources like Newspapers and Magazines face in maintaining revenue. Despite the prevalence of media online, the vast majority of people still turn to newspapers like USA Today for their news on a regular basis and see newspapers as being more reliable than other forms of media. This means that advertising opportunities like USA Today Classifieds are a great way for small businesses to reach their audience in a reputable trustworthy forum.

My Classified Ads provide all types of print advertising services both online classified ads and offline. We have a large portfolio of publications that we represent directly. We take pride in our 40 years of relationships with publications across the country, including those with Gatehouse media and the Gannett network. Let us help you create a campaign that is scalable to meet your growing needs, Contact us today!

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