Place National Classifieds in Reputable Publications

National Classified ads Line ads, a type of line ad that are found in printed publications or online are a great way to reach your target audience. They are also generally more affordable ad can keep your campaign cost low. There are several different types of way to place national classifieds out there today. 

Print ads, especially classified ads are typically less expensive than many other types of advertising around today, and most often, when you place in print ads, your ad will simultaneously also be placed in the digital or online version as well.  This is even true when you want to cover a large area or the entire country like you would be able to with national classifieds.

sample of careers section in national newspaper like USA Today Place National Classifieds in Reputable Publications

National Classifieds are Accessible

Printed advertising is actually more accessible to most people than online. Surprisingly enough, not everyone has access to the internet. This is due to a variety of reasons, whether financial or because of location. Studies show that when audiences choose to take time to look at Print ads like Classified Advertising, specifically local newspaper readers like who are looking to find valuable opportunities, coupons, and bargains. Simply put, they are already in the right mode to notice your ad.



My Classified Ads provide all types of print advertising services, both online classified ads and offline. We have a large portfolio of publications that we represent directly. We take pride in our 40 years of relationships with publications across the country, including those with Gatehouse media and the Gannett network. Let us help you create a campaign that is scalable to meet your growing needs for more information on National Classifieds. Contact us !

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