Place Ads in the Houston Chronicle

 Founded in 1901, the Houston Chronicle is one of the Largest newspapers in the United States it delivers in-depth coverage of not only local and special interest issues but is also committed to providing broader news coverage as well including state, national and international news. 

Why is it smart to place advertising in Local publications like the Houston Chronicle

People are also becoming burnt out on the overabundance of online or mobile advertising or acquiring “ advertising fatigue. ”At the same time, a person may not be looking for any one deal, specifically local newspaper readers like those who read the Houston Chronicle who are looking to find valuable opportunities, coupons, and bargains. This means they are already in the right mode to notice your ad. 

This overabundance of online advertising is made worse with the conjunction of cross-device advertising or multi-device usage that allows for the person to have multiple devices going at one time. Cross-device usage allows for the consumption of huge amounts of media but with a much lower-than-average retention rate.

What are the Benefits of Print Advertising Like the Houston Chronicle

Low-cost print advertising campaign that adds a high or repetitive exposure volume of the same advertisement proves to be an effective way to improve the overall ROI of existing media campaigns. Recently even though the online market is extremely competitive, there has been a huge increase in the number of online ads being placed. As a result, people are becoming highly likely to tune out or scroll past ads without viewing or giving themselves time to mentally process what they have just seen. 

Studies conducted between 2007 to 2015 show that typically print advertising actually begins to improve in response after the 5th exposure to an ad. This is excellent news in that studies also show that response rates for advertising mediums like online and TV actually decrease after only the 4th exposure to an ad.

Why is print advertising in newspapers like those in Houston beneficial for politicians in Texas?

Additionally, In July 2020, policymakers from both the democratic and representative parties introduced H.S. 7640, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act. Studies show that Local Newspapers are the best way for local politicians to encourage participation from their primary target audience. For more information on placing ads in the Houston Chronicle, Houston Community Papers or other publications in the state of Texas, contact us!

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