Place ads in Online Classified Advertising

Placing ads in Online Classifieds

Classified Advertising the kind that is found in printed publications and online are a great way to reach your target audience as well as keep your campaign cost low. when you place ads in online classified advertising publications you can keep your cost low and get a great return on your investment.

How to place ads sin online classified publications

Choosing your heading 

For most publications, ads are placed under the appropriate heading or category. This is important so that the targeted audience easily finds them. In some cases where there may be a ” gray area” as to what type of advertisement something is.

In these cases, your ad may be able to run under multiple headings. Something else to consider is that, when possible, request to have your ad placed in the upper right-hand corner of the ad when running in the newspaper.

Why this matters 

This is because when people read, their eyes naturally go from top to bottom and view the right page first. Some publications allow this depending on their category constraints. However many other publications do not.

Additional Tip:

A key point to consider is it is worth it to ask as there can also be an opportunity to bolding or borders as well.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind it never hurts to open up a conversation with your rep about suggestions that they may have to give your advertisement the most opportunity for exposure. If you would like to place ads in online classified publications please contact us !

If you are interested in placing in USA Today reach out to us on our sister site Russell Johns. 

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