How to place a public notice

It is important that when you place a public notice, you do so with the intent that it reaches the people who are likely to be affected by the decisions. Public notice ads are intended to give the kind of information that will convince and enable a diverse group of people to participate. Here is some pertinent information on how you can place a public notice. 

Example of a public notice ad How to place a Public Notice with Sample Ad

According to the National Newspaper Association the placement of public notices should follow these guidelines. Most people still believe that Public notices should be published in Newspapers, as they are independent of the government. This is also so that they can be accessible to a large, broad group of people far in advance of the hearing or meeting, even if they do not have access to the internet. Public notices should also be retrievable and archivable so that they can be found easily after publication.

To assure the public that notices were placed correctly, notices must also be verifiable. Many times affidavits are required after the publication of a notice showing the text that was placed and the dates of publication. This is because public notices are frequently used in legal proceedings to demonstrate that due process was met. When writing a public notice, it is important to make clear how publics participation will or can affect the decision. 

What to Include in a Public Notice 

While it is important to try and keep all Public and Legal notices brief and to serve specific purposes, they are meant to and highlight environmental and or economic issues and decisions that are of concern to the public. as well as the implications of these issues and decisions. Public notices must indicate why the meeting or hearing is being held, including what issues are intended to be discussed, decisions made, and the effects of those decisions.

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