Place a Notice of Service by Publication

Placing a notice of service by publication a way to provide the opposing litigant with notice of the lawsuit against them is through a process called Service by Publication. This involves publishing the litigation documents in an advertisement or in a newspaper of general circulation.

In situations where a defendant is purposely avoiding contact or is residing at an undisclosed location, you can place a notice of service by publication. This is a viable option for notification of the legal proceedings against them. This method includes publishing the relevant legal documents in a publicly available advertisement or newspaper.

My Classified Ads is able to help you place your Public and Legal notice in any publication in the United States. Public and Legal Notices act as accessible channels of communication between the general public and the government.

Keeping the public informed about relevant information that may affect the local community is vital, and public notice ads placed in newspapers help achieve this objective. Such ads provide important details on how people can participate in local community meetings, obtain business licenses or building permits. They also inform citizens about important hearings, judgments, and economic changes that will take place in the community.

If you need to place a legal notice ad in the newspaper and you are still not sure of what steps you need to take it can be helpful to recruit an advertising agency that specializes in these types of advertisements to assist in the writing and placement of these types of ads for you.

For more information about placing public and legal notices or writing a legal notice ad.

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