How to Place a Legal Notice Ad

Placing a legal notice in a newspaper is not much different than placing any other ad in the newspaper. However, there are a few key differences that you may want to keep in mind throughout the process that will help make sure that is done as effective as possible. When you place a legal notice ad it is important to understand that the main difference in this type of ad is that instead of encouraging people to buy something you are actually encouraging people to play an informed, active or role in their local government.

So how is this actually different?  In most classified ads the advertiser is going to want to reduce the cost of their ad by using as many abbreviations as possible without loosing the overall messaging and call to action in the ad.  For a legal notice this is much more complicated because much of the purpose of the legal notice is keeping the public informed about occurrences in their local area.  Often this means putting in details that most other advertisers would gloss over or leave out all together.

When contacting the appropriate newspaper or advertising agency that is experienced in placing legal notices you will want to let them know from the beginning that this is the type of ad you are looking to place. Most of the time you will place a legal notice ad  directly with a team that is experienced in handling this type of ad. Often they can assist in writing the ad also. They will also provide you with the appropriate quote and any necessary documentation that you may require after the ad has run.

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