What to include when you are writing a Death Notice

Here is some information on what to include when you are writing a death notice or announcement to place online or in the newspaper. When you are writing a death notice for a person who has recently passed away, you will want to make sure to gather all of the important information about the person that you want to include.

The first piece of information that you will want to include when you write the obituary is the name of the person who has passed away. You will also want to include when they passed away and the age that the person lived until. Additional information that you could include is perhaps the cause of death. It is also appropriate to include information about where the person lived, any professional achievements they may have had during their career or accolades they earned in school.

You may also want to include details about their favorite hobbies, philanthropic involvements, nicknames, and lastly, surviving family members, and a total number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lastly, you may also want to include a family member that preceded them in death.

this post includes information on how to write a death notice to place in newspaper or online

How to write a Death Notice to place in newspapers or online

What to include in a Death Notice

When someone passes away it is important to include the following information in the Death Notice.

  • Full name,
  • Age
  • when they passed away ( and cause of death)
  • where they lived
  • professional and personal achievements
  • surviving family members and those who preceded them in death

We can help you place your death notice or death announcement in any publication in the United States. Public and Legal Notices are a timeless tradition that act as accessible channels of communication between the general public and the government. For additional help in writing a obituary or death notice or to place another type of legal notice please see this page.

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