The benefits of Print Advertising

The benefits of Print Advertising are extensive it is one of the oldest forms of advertising and exists in print and online. Print ads are usually less expensive than many other types of advertising. They are most often found in Newspapers, Magazines or other Print publications. With the many choices out there when it comes to advertising your business that it can be hard not to get overwhelmed.

How can print advertising benefit my media Campaign?

No matter whether you are advertising a product or you have a service-based business, auction or even a franchise, including Print advertising into your media mix is a cost-effective way to reach local, regional, or even national audiences. Even though it might seem like it, not everyone has access to the internet. In these cases, these people still have access to print advertising. One of the biggest benefits of Print advertising is accessible and also is a great way to keep your advertising budget low. Print advertising is beneficial for branding as well as direct response. This will help you increase your presence in an area or with a specific audience to grow your business in a reputable and trusted forum.

Another of the benefits of print advertising is that most advertisers don’t realize that some national publications like USA Today have regional opportunities, which provide international reach also! Advertisers can effectively cover a specific geographic region this way. You can place one ad, and it can go into 200 publications across the entire United States. 

Man reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee ,  reliability is one of the benefits of print advertising

Audiences are becoming more and more burnt out on the overabundance of online or mobile advertising and are becoming more frequently “advertising fatigued.”

 Additionally, most people are not looking specifically or any one deal. However, studies show that when audiences choose to take time to look at Print ads like Classified Advertising, specifically local newspaper readers like those are looking to find valuable opportunities, coupons, and bargains. Simply put, they are already in the right mode to notice your ad. A similar thing can happen when they tune into other traditional forms of advertising like Print and Radio.

Additional benefits of Classified Advertising 

Americans still believe in the Accuracy of news found in Newspapers. It has proved that it is more reliable than online news. Americans spend more time online than doing anything else. The availability of free news online is one of the biggest hurdles that traditional media sources like Newspapers and Magazines face in maintaining revenue. Despite the prevalence of media online, the vast majority of people still turn to newspapers for their news on a regular basis and see newspapers as being more reliable than other forms of media.

Display advertising in newspapers or, when done well online, can definitely have advantages that maybe you are not aware of. A well-done display advertisement ad can literally stop you in your tracks and make you look twice. This is something many digital display ad campaigns are just not able to do in the same way.  

 What you might not know is that jumping on the digital advertising trend is more about creating additional advertising revenue and less about the preference for all things mobile.

Being able to reach out and touch an ad can actually have a very profound effect on an audience. Studies show that despite the prevalence of all things mobile, people of all ages, especially the young, are still showing a strong preference for printed versions for news as well as books!    

Display advertising in print and online has the ability to compel a person to reach out and physically touch and grab hold of an ad. “Creative that encourages people to touch a print ad produces even stronger brand impressions. 

Touching a physical Display ad in print or online has proven to increase a person’s belief that the brand is honest and sincere by 41%. In addition, it increases quality perceptions by 20% and purchase intent by 24%..This is because it links us to something tangible. ( what great news considering that ad blockers in both digital and mobile forums and even the iPhone has made it easier to turn off ads altogether. This makes it increasingly easy to ignore ads online and the cost of print advertising is affordable and far-reaching. 

Studies have also concluded that print display ads have been shown to increase purchasing behavior over other types of ads and were 7% higher than online and 3% higher that TV. Creating a great display ad that draws you in is all about incorporating tactile elements. When you look at a a visually compelling ad that uses design elements like weight, shape, and, texture, as well as the use of color. 

My Classified Ads provide all types of print advertising services both on and offline. We have a large portfolio of publications that we represent directly. We take pride in our 40 years of relationships with publications across the country. Let us help you create a campaign that is scalable to meet your growing needs.

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