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There is never enough time in the day. No matter what, it always runs out. And this is true even in business. Even advertising has a sell-by date, much like the expiration label that exists on foods in the grocery store. Wherever there is advertising, no matter the medium, there is almost always leftover space; If this sounds like something you would be interested in then you might want to place remnant advertising.

What is Remnant Advertising?

“Remnant advertising or the remaining ad space or spots of media that is yet to be sold prior to publication or air time. Media companies often offer Remnant ads for a lower rate so that they may sell off the remaining unused space.

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV, and the like all must be sold to fill up the space that exists in the publication or on that channel so that the venue can make money to continue to run. When publications have remaining space left in their publications that they have not yet sold, this is called remnant advertising.

Why might it be a good idea to place Remnant Advertising?

Placing Remnant ads allows you to get your advertising placed for a rate that is reduced far below what it might have been. Selling advertising slots at a reduced rate also benefits the publisher because this space would have gone unfilled otherwise.

Buying adverting at remnant prices can lead to increased exposure. However, there is no control over where in the publication it runs. This might mean getting an advertisement towards the back of a Newspaper or Magazine. Or a time slot that is late at night if it is Radio or TV.

For more information on how to place remnant advertising, including placing advertising in Newspapers Magazines or other types of remnant advertising, contact us!

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