Legal Notice and Public Notice FAQ

What Is The Difference Between A Legal Notice And Public Notice ?

A Legal notice is an ad that has been Court ordered or Judge mandated to run in a publication certified affidavit as proof of publishing. A Public notice, on the other hand, is one that is NOT court order or judge mandate but is required to run.

Business licenses and notices, name change notices, dissolution of marriage, or divorce notices are types of notices mandated by the court to run. Foreclosures, probate, and estate actions are sometimes required to publish public notices.

How Will I Know Where I Need To Run My Notice ?

The court or judge will let you know if this legal notice has to run either nationally or locally in a specific state.

When placing any notice, it is important to confirm information about whether or not the paper should be a paid subscription paper or a free paper. The mandate will also let you know whether the notice must run in a daily and/ or weekly newspaper.

Where Do I Send My Ad Copy?

Send your Legal Notices and Public notices to us! We will typeset your ad to the smallest legal size to save you money. After we size your ad, we will send your lowest cost and soonest date your legal notice can run. No Thanks Necessary 🙂

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