What to Expect from an Advertising Agency that specializes in Legal Notice Advertising

Finding an experienced advertising agency that has dealt with the ins and outs of legal notice advertising can save you time and headache when placing these types of ads in the future.  Because of the specific and detailed nature of public notices, doing one’s due diligence is key.

What to look for in an advertising agency that can handle the unique needs of legal notice advertising.

Understands that Less is not always more

Because the cost associated with classified ads is based on the number of words or lines within the ad, having fewer words can help reduce the cost of an ad.  However, with some types of ads reducing the word count can mean not getting the message across. In order to convey this need to the audience, it is important to make sure that any abbreviations or word cutting does not deviate from the tone of the ad.

Understands the Unique Goal of a Legal Notice

The Purpose of a legal notice is to explain to the public why their community participation is important and relaying what information they may need to help them get involved in that particular issue. The way that a legal notice is written is a big part of creating a notice that effectively conveys this need. Being on the same page with your advertising agency on the importance of getting the correct message across is crucial.

With legal notice advertising, the ability to create a sense of urgency and a need for the participation is a crucial part of the ad’s ability to be effective. For these ads, the “call to action” is a literal call to act and participate whereas usually it is to get the audience to respond and buy.  This distinction is important because in every ad it is necessary that it relays what exactly you want them to do.   It is for this reason that informing the public of what actions are needed as well as what changes are about to take place in their community is the first goal of every notice.

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