How to Place a Name Change Ad for a passport in newspapers or online with Example

Changing your name can be a complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be. Like with legal ads, when you want to change your name you must publish an ad in a newspaper of general circulation for the area that you live .

Additionally, each state has their own rules on how to place name change announcements and where they need to be placed. As well as what type of proof needs to be shown after publication. Because of this many people choose to have a agency help them. Because If you need to change your name and you must place a name change ad in the newspaper, you rest assured that it is done correctly. If you need to change your and you are not sure of what steps you need to take to do so please follow the below steps.

Steps to Placing a Name change for a passport in newspapers or to be published online 

  1. Contact the paper or an agency that specializes in placing legal notices.
  2. Write your ad (see additional information on what information to include below)
  3. Determine which days you will need your ad to run. This may be a certain number of days or weekends.
  4. Ask for a quote.
  5. Approve ad, or to reduce the length of your ad you may abbreviate whenever necessary.
  6. Submit or confirm ad placement to run (ask for proof so that you can see how the ad will appear in the newspaper.)
  7.  Request tear sheets after the ad has run.

We can help you place your name change ad in any publication in the United States or online. Public and Legal Notices are a timeless tradition that act as accessible channels of communication between the general public and the government. We are experienced in writing and placing all types of notices across the United States. We have worked hard to build relationships with newspapers in every state. Our team can quote, create and place your ad.  For more help placing your name change ad please see this additional page. or Place your ad now!


shown sample of a name change ad . here is a an Example of name Change ad How to Place a Name Change Ad for a passport in newspapers or online with sample
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